Raising awareness of Aviation with life-changing prizes!

Your Jet Life was launched in 2022 by the founders of Monarc Global to raise much-needed donations and awareness in support of aviation-based charities across Australia, while giving everyone the chance to their very own aviation prize or experience.

Every year from 2023, there will be two opportunities for someone or a group to become aviation owners or to win an aviation experience! This is a unique first-of-its-kind Art Union in Australia.

At Your Jet Life, we believe in turning dreams into reality. Our mission is not just about winning planes, but winning hearts, lifting spirits, and soaring above challenges. We fly towards a future where distances become shorter; treatments become accessible, and dreams of flying become real for those we serve.

Meet the Your Jet Life Team

We are Your Jet Life - we turn your skyward dreams into a reality while ensuring no one is left grounded when they need to fly.

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